Vocational Training

Turning profits into training people.

Baltimore BioWorks professional staff has over 85 years of collective experience in the biomedical manufacturing and distribution business. The principals involved created the company with a two-part mission – serve customers and improve the community.

We exist to serve our customers and with the profits we hire and train vocational employees. In this way we turn profits into training people. As our customer YOU are helping us help others!

Baltimore BioWorks hires and trains people who are interested in becoming part of the biotech industry. Our vocational employees, with the assistance of the Baltimore City Community College, go through an extensive training program that encompasses every aspect of a biotech company.

They will learn warehouse operations, research products manufacturing, clean room operations, quality review systems, document and label controls, pharmacokinetics, medical products distribution, customer service, sales and basic business accounting.

After a year with Baltimore BioWorks they have hands-on, marketable experience in every aspect of a small biotech company.

Our vocational staff is comprised of people who need a hand – not a handout – from a company who cares. They gain actual work experience and progress from a lower income job to a career opportunity. Baltimore BioWorks gives them that opportunity because customers like you believe in what we’re doing. Your purchases help us to help others.

In the Maryland region a vast majority of biotech companies have less than 100 employees. For most small to medium sized biotech companies, hiring qualified, experienced bio-technicians requires months of in-house training.

However, hiring a Baltimore BioWorks graduate means employing an experienced, fully trained person ready to work on day one.

Ask us about this opportunity. You’ll be glad you did.